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Adrenaline’s ZRX 47 Comes to Life

For Mike Layton and the team at Adrenaline Powerboats in Lincolnton, Ga., years of hard work are starting to come to fruition in the form of the company’s first ZRX 47 Carbon Series V-bottom that is officially out of the mold.

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With the hull and deck complete, the stylish ZRX 47 from Adrenaline is starting to come together. Photos courtesy Adrenaline Powerboats

Last week, Layton and company joined the hull and deck together, then took a step back to admire the all-epoxy, all-carbon infused 47-footer that was designed and assembled utilizing high-tech CAD and CNC machining processes to achieve the highest-quality components. The break in the action didn’t last long though as there is still plenty more to get done, including work on the second ZRX 47 as well as the big brother to the 47-footer, the ZRX 54.

The Adrenaline Powerboats rendering of its ZRX 47 Carbon Series V-bottom is about as realistic as it gets.The Adrenaline Powerboats rendering of its ZRX 47 Carbon Series V-bottom is about as realistic as it gets.“We’re a little behind schedule, but we’re making sure the first 47 comes together as intended,” Layton said. “I’m biased but it’s a stunning design. It’s not overly aggressive or weird looking—it has a good balance of design that’s familiar to what’s already out there yet different. We’ve also built a lot of function into it. It is definitely a supercar version of a V-bottom.

“From A to Z, our design and manufacturing is as comprehensive as anything I’ve ever seen,” he added. “The shapes we are building are complex, all of the hardware is designed and machined in house—we want to build the best boats we can build. In order to do that, it has to be next-level stuff because there are a lot of great products out there. Getting the first one done just takes time.”

Luckily the customer getting the first 47-footer, which is going to be powered by twin Mercury Racing 1100 engines, has been patient. It helps that Chris Walker of SuperTruck in Augusta, Ga., understands the custom-build process and has been super involved with the ZRX 47 from the get-go.

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Editor’s note: For a time-lapse sequence of the infusion process of the Adrenaline ZXR 47, check out the YouTube videos below.