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Abraham Excited About New MTI-V 42, Ready for Key West

There are a few reasons Tom Abraham, who is well known in the performance boat community for owning some of the coolest Cigarette Racing Team models throughout the past two decades, decided to pull the trigger on a new MTI-V 42 powered by quad Mercury Marine Verado 350 engines.

mtiv abraham1

Powered by four Mercury Verado 350 engines, Tom Abraham’s new MTI-V 42 is registered for next week’s Key West Poker Run.

First of all, Abraham said, when Randy Scism, MTI’s owner and founder, was designing his first 42-foot V-bottom several years ago, Scism asked Abraham what would make him want to buy a center console.

“I told Randy what I don’t like about center consoles—if they are fast enough, the wind is unbearable,” said Abraham, a high-end residential real estate developer from Lloyd Harbor, N.Y. “I’ll tell you what, Randy and his crew answered the problem. The boat runs amazing, there’s no doubt about that, but because of the windshield and the side panels, you can run 70 to 75 mph and not even feel the wind. And I’m not talking about just the two front seats, there are six bolsters (three rows of two) and nobody gets bothered by wind.”

The next most impressive thing, according to Abraham, is that the boat comes stock with the baddest stereo system he’s ever heard. He also said he was blown away with the functionality of the entire 42-footer after stepping in one at the Miami International Boat Show in February.

mtiv abraham2

Abraham said he was blown away by the MTI-V 42, a boat he never thought he’d want to own.

“I feel like every square foot or half a square foot has some sort of function,” said Abraham, who has owned a 36- and a 42-foot MTI catamaran. “There are compartments everywhere for storage, trash cans, bumper holders and even special places to put your shoes. Obviously the clincher for me was finally getting to go for a ride when we went out in the demo boat with quad (Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines) at the Miami show.

“We had 15 or 16 people on the boat and were running 79 mph,” he continued. “I couldn’t believe it—my head about spun all the way around. The more I thought about the boat, which I thought I’d never want to own, it was clear to me that it was perfect for our summer season in Montauk. It can handle rough water and it can accommodate a lot of friends.”

Abraham, who has only driven the MTI-V 42 once since taking delivery of it a couple of weeks ago, is looking forward to running it to Key West, Fla., in the Florida Powerboat Club’s poker run. He said it comes 15 years after he did the poker run for the first time in his all-time favorite boat (for now, at least).

“I haven’t had a feeling like this about a boat since Philly built me the first stepped 42-footer from Cigarette, Endangered Species,” Abraham said, referring to his 2001 Cigarette Twin Step 42 Tiger he took to Key West. “The Cigarette was such a cool boat and it was so advanced back then. That’s how I feel about this MTI—it really seems that advanced to me. Because of everything it offers, I think MTI should have named the boat ‘Wow.’ ”

Abraham, who has owned 20-plus go-fast boats over the years, said he’s planning to keep the MTI for some time.

“I’m very happy with the boat,” he continued. “And I was pleased with the build process. Randy and his guys know how to build boats so I stayed out of their way. The only thing I wanted was a different cooler design and they didn’t even blink when I asked for it.”

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