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A Closer Look At The Most Vibrant Cigarette 42 Auroris To Date

When one of the company’s best customers asks for an extravagant paintjob on his luxurious new 515 sportboat powered by a pair of dual-calibration Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines, Cigarette Racing Team owner and CEO Skip Braver and the rest of the team at the Opa-locka, Fla., high-performance center console and V-bottom manufacturer oblige. That’s exactly what happened in 2018 when the boat’s regal owner ordered the 51-footer and enlisted Mark Morris and the team at Visual Imagination in Peculiar, Mo., to design and apply its breathtakingly vibrant and colorful graphics. And it’s exactly what happened last year when the same customer ordered a matching 42-foot luxury performance center console.

This new Cigarette Racing Team 42 Auroris powered by five Mercury Racing engines is going to be delivered to its international owner soon. Photos courtesy/copyright Cigarette Racing Team

Maybe you remember the first boat from its starring role in a Red Bull Racing promotional video advocating for a Formula 1 automobile race in the streets of Miami or from its spotlight in the Speed On The Water 2018 Year In Review magazine. If not, you likely won’t forget the 515’s new sibling—a radical 42 Auroris powered by five Mercury Racing 450R engines. The boats don’t have exact matching paintjobs, but they do share a similar look and theme utilizing the same colors.

“The owner is looking forward to getting his boat and we’re thrilled for him, just as we were when he decided to add a wonderful new 42 Auroris to his collection,” Braver said. “We’re grateful he continues to support the brand as much as he does. He isn’t someone who just buys something to show it off in some warehouse or museum, he’s someone who drives his boats and enjoys everything about them. He’s very particular and appreciates the level attention of detail that Cigarette provides. He recognizes the Cigarette difference.”

Braver hinted that there may be another boat coming for the owner soon, too, but that was all he would share.

Check out the slideshow above for more images of the 42 Auroris and a few of the 515 owned by the same longtime Cigarette customer.

“I love that 515—it’s one of the most unique boats we’ve done—but I like the 42 Auroris more because we got better the second time around,” Morris said. “The biggest challenge with the first boat was making the lightning bolts work with the design and making them look like they were supposed to be there and not an afterthought. We were happy with how they turned out, but we definitely made some adjustments on the 42 that helped make it a little nicer.”

Somewhat to his surprise, Braver said he’s already had two serious buyers ask about doing the same eye-catching paintjob, but he won’t duplicate it for anyone.

“We could do something similar but definitely not the same—that paintjob is reserved for one person only,” he added.

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