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40 MTI Project: To Infinity and Beyond

In this OffshoreOnly world we’re immersed in, the chances of a boat story gone bad resulting in a happy ending is slim. So it’s always fun to share the ones that do work out. Take Brian Shelton’s first catamaran, which he’s planning to take to several events this summer, including next week’s Lake Cumberland Thunder Run, the Tennessee Powerboat Club’s Old Hickory Fun Run and the Florida Powerboat Club‘s Emerald Coast Poker Run.

shelton mti trailer sotw

Denny Kirkland at Custom Performance in Kentucky got his hands on Brian Shelton’s 40 MTI and installed infinity mirrors in the engine compartment.

Shelton, who has owned several Fountain Powerboats V-bottoms since the mid-90s, picked up a well-documented 2008 40-foot Marine Technology Inc. (MTI) catamaran and added more custom touches to the boat that had been repaired, repainted and reupholstered after falling off its trailer in December 2012. If you didn’t see it, check out the OSO thread following the boat as Pier 57 and a talented surrounding cast made the boat like new for the owner prior to Shelton.

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