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260 Roadster Going Dual Badge

The 260 Roadster is available as a Spectre or a Sonic.

Did you know can buy the popular 260 Roadster as either a Spectre or a Sonic? That’s something I learned in an interview of John Cunningham of Frisini Motorsports—the parent company of Spectre and Sonic—for a feature I’m writing for Boats.com

The company has tooling for the 26-foot-long center console, one of its best-selling models, at the Spectre plant in Pinellas Park, Fla., and the Sonic plant in Fort Pierce, Fla.

“The big thing in this industry is that customers are very brand-loyal,” said Cunningham. “There are Sonic customers who are truly Sonic customers and Spectre customers who are truly Spectre customers. So you can get the 260 Roadster as either a Spectre or a Sonic.”

The 260 Roadster is an affordably priced platform for fishing, diving or just crusing around with friends. Having helped test the versatile little boat with Powerboat magazine, I’d gladly take one—with either badge.