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2017: A Wozencraft Boating Odyssey


By the time Devin Wozencraft reaches Key West, Fla., in November, he’ll have run his 30-foot Skater catamaran in more than a half-dozen go-fast boating events across the country. Photo courtesy/copyright Keith Nunez/Speedonthewater.com.

Long before he headed out on a national go-fast boating event tour this spring—an adventure that can only be described as epic—most folks in the performance-boating world had heard of Devin Wozencraft. After all, Wozencraft Insurance Agency, which is based in Southern California and has a satellite office in Arizona, is one the nation’s premiere players in the high-performance powerboat and high-performance powerboating event insurance game.

But by the time mid-November rolls around, go-fast enthusiasts in Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Canada, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Florida will have had a chance to hang out with him during an event. And although running his 30-foot Skater catamaran in the company of current and potential future clients definitely presented marketing opportunities for the insurance man, that really wasn’t what hitting the road with his boat in tow in May was all about.

“Number one, I am a boater and I’m there to go boating and meet a lot of my fellow boaters,” said Wozencraft, who just returned to his California office from last weekend’s Lake Erie Offshore Performance Association Thunderfest Poker Run in Put-In-Bay, Ohio. “I’m not there to peddle insurance or be a pesky salesman. I’m there to enjoy the events and build relationships so that maybe, when the day comes, if they need insurance they might think about Wozencraft. But I don’t talk insurance to anybody unless they bring it up. Then I’ll talk about it.”

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