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2010 Volkswagen Touareg TDI

may6_touaregVolkswagen’s TDI-powered Touareg will make a diesel believer of even the most ardent skeptics.

Selling a diesel-engine-powered vehicle in the United States is getting easier, but it still can be an uphill push. Car guys know how good diesels are nowadays. Engineers know. Truck guys know. For the majority of the general public, however, diesel still holds a few outdated connotations: slow, smelly, noisy.

So let’s dispel any myths about Volkswagen’s TDI-powered 2010 Touareg before they begin: None of the above adjectives applies. At all.

The TDI-powered Touareg is nimble and spunky, quiet and blissfully fragrant. It’s true. The factory windshield washer fluid smells like lemons. Every time you spray the windshield it smells like Florence Henderson herself just dusted your car with Pledge.

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