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2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie 4×4

may6_dodgeramDodge’s Ram 1500 is a game changer for the half-ton pickup market.

When Dodge debuted its new half-ton Ram models in 2009, the company was quick to point out in its advertising that it came with a coil-spring rear suspension. Great for ride quality and off-road ability. Not always the best choice for towing trailers.

So before you jump to any conclusions, let us tell you that the Ram 1500’s ride does benefit greatly from the rear coil springs, especially when compared with trucks with leaf springs. What’s more, the setup is beefy enough to withstand the rigors of towing duty. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Even in four-wheel-drive trim, the Ram 1500 we tested was rated to pull 10,000 pounds,which means the 4,200-pound trailer we towed didn’t pose much of a challenge, but it did give us some insight into how this truck behaves while towing.

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