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100-mph Chaparral Project Update: Major Hull and Deck Surgery Underway

While the 427-cubic-inch naturally aspirated engine that will be power Chris Uzzolina’s soon-to-be-restored 1986 Chaparral Villain III sportboat is getting prepped by White Performance & Machine for its second round of dynamometer testing, Lake Effects Marine of Moorsesville, N.C., has begun tearing into hull and deck of the 23-footer. That’s the word from Uzzolina, who has said that running 100 mph is one of this goals when the project is finished. (Read the story.)


Major renovation work is underway on the Chris Uzzollina’s 23-foot Chaparral Villain.

“At this point we are in the major tear down stage,” said Uzzolina, who lives in Charlotte, N.C., but is originally from New Jersey. “Floors are being cut out, as well as the removal of the rotten stringers. Next will be the transom and then sanding of the hull to be refinished.  The top cap is removed and is being prepped for stripping and sanding.”

While Uzzolina said he had hoped to have the project complete by June, he realizes it may take a few weeks longer than that. But he’d rather see the job completed competently and thoroughly than rush. The work to be done is far beyond cosmetic.


The 23-footer’s hull and deck have been separated.

“As you can see there is rot everywhere, but there are no stress cracks in the hull which is good,” They tell me that the ETA for complete tear down is the end of next week then they start re-stringing the boat.

“I’ll keep you posted as we make progress, as we are now in full swing,” he added.


Said Uzzolina, “As you can see there is rot everywhere.”

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